Tuna Tube Cases

These are our best performing Tuna Tubes

Oval Tuna Tube Case
Oval Tuna Tube Case

Freestanding Tuna Tube cases where developed to be placed in the cockpit floor on in a space built for them.  They are available in 4 different shapes and sizes and can be built with a variety of different tube sizes.

Large Oval Case will fit 6 tubes with 3 of them being large tubes.  Large Rectangular Case will fit 4 tubes with 2 of them being large tubes.  Medium Rectangular Case fit 4 tubes no larger than medium tubes .  Triangular Case fit 3 large tubes or 4 medium & small tubes.

Why are our cases our best performing tubes?  All Tuna Tubes are full length.  All cases have an air ejection valve that will prevent air from reaching the tubes.  There is no valves for individual tubes.  This allows for better water flow while maintaining equal water supply to all tubes.

Other benefits of cases:  Installation of Tuna Tube cases is a lot simpler and faster than individual tubes.  Cases can be easily removed when not used.  Cases are not specific to the boat, they can easily be installed on your next or other boat.

Rectangular Tuna Tube Case
Medium Rectangular Tuna Tube Case
Large Rectangular Tuna Tube Case

All of our cases are shaped with large corners and finished in a high gloss white gelcoat finish.  Custom Awlgrip colors are available upon request.  Bottom of all cases are fitted with a soft non marring rubber pad to protect the case, your deck and to make them slip resistant.

Dependent on case selection and water supply pump being used,  Water supply inlet is 1.25” or 1.5” female pipe thread.  We have water supply kits to help with your installation

Triangular Tuna Tube Case
Triangular Tuna Tube Case

All our cases are built so tubes drain back into the case and plumbed to a 2” female pipe thread fitting on the side of the case.  Our large oval case uses two 2” drain fittings.  We have 2” drain kits to help with your installation. 

Tuna Tubes
Triangular Tuna Tube Case

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