This is our preferred pump

2 Horse Power Self Priming Scot Pump.  Capable of up to 100 gallons per minute and can support 6 – 8 Tuna Tubes depending on installation and tube sizes.  Power:  220 Volts AC, 11 amps, 60 htz.  Recommended breaker size: 15 – 20 amp.  Pump and built in Strainer is cast Marine Grade Bronze with sealed motor ends.  We paint the entire pump with Awlgrip Snow White.  We install  it on ¾” white starboard (for ease of installation), and include painted bronze inlet and outlet hose barbs.  Inlet water pick up  2”.  Outlet water 1.5”.

Picture of an installed 2hp Scot Pump.
2 hp Scot pump White

3 Horse Power Self priming pump with strainer.  Capable of 140 gallons per minute and can support up to 11 Tuna Tubes dependent on installation and tube sizes.  Power 220 Volts AC, 15 amps, 60 Htz.  Recommended breaker 20 -25 amp.  Pump and built in strainer are all black plastic ( does not get painted).  2” inlet and outlet.  Pump is mounted on ¾” white starboard for ease of installation.  SPECIAL FEATURES:  This pump is variable speed.  It can be programmed to deliver up to 8 different outputs based on RPM or flow;  changeable at the touch of a button.  A remote control panel feature is available to reprogram pump.

3 hp Pentair pump

The only DC Pump that we use on boats that only have battery power available.  On these installations we often use many of Hooker Electric items like: Sea Chest and high-Speed Pick Ups.

4500 Hooker Electric pumps are rated at 65 gallons per minute, they have a 1.5” female pipe threat inlet and a 1.5” male pipe outlet.  They can be installed directly on a thru-hull or in a Sea Chest.  They are not submergible.  12 Volts DC.  30 amps peak.

Features:  Variable speed and controllable with a remotely mounted knob.