• We assemble or supply all components for the water distribution manifolds to each tube.  Dependent on number of tubes and pumps used we build all center trunks of manifold out of 1.5” or 2” schedule 80 PVC  T’s.  All components are schedule 80 PVC.  We use 1” true union ball valves for all our installations.  This allows for easy removal to clean or paint.
  • Machining of your Stainless Steel cockpit Drain Screen to fit 2” Drain kits
  • Tuna Tube Case 2” drain kits.  2” very flexible hose smooth wall interior to allow for best draining and to conform to hose placement.  White PVC slip fittings for installation and removal without any tools.  316 SS hose clamps for best corrosion resistance.
  • PVC schedule 80 Bulkhead Connectors to install individual Tuna Tubes in live well and make them removable.
  • Custom Stainless Steel  fittings on Tuna Tubes, live well fittings, and plugs for a better look.
  • Tuna Tube Case Water Supply Kit.  It is made up of Cam-Lock (Banjo) fittings to  disconnect cases water supply without any tools needed.  Includes  8’ of flexible hose, 2 pairs of male and female cam-lok fittings, one 90 degree white PVC fitting to attach to case, and a white starboard bezel to install male camlock to  toe kick or under gunnel water supply line.  They are available in 1.25” or 1.5”.
  • Canvas Extensions for Tuna Tubes.  Most anglers would prefer to be able to close their live wells at the end of the day without removing their Tubes or tube extensions.   Most live wells are 22” – 24” depth.  Great Tuna Tubes varying in size need to be 28” – 31” in length. The compromise is to have tubes of a length to close the live well with canvas extensions that can be folded down to put away.  We stock canvas extensions that are 10” long allowing for a 2 inch overlap and 8” extension. Custom sizes can be provided.